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Entertainment WorldWide Network & So Seductive Shoe and Fashions was started by @DonJrCEO in Florida. @DonJrCEO was 3 months old when he was carried into KATZ in St. Louis, MO where his proud parents Mr. & Mrs. Don Cody, Sr. was stopping by to let all the Co-Workers See the bundle of joy. @DonJrCEO has a deep bloodline in the business and music industry working as an intern for major fortune 500 companies set the plan in motion to help small business become fortune 500 companies by working together sharing information and resources. Entertainment WorldWide Network & So Seductive Shoe and Fashions was born with having conference calls, talking about the state of the industry, business, new technology, viral marketing putting God 1st in every show with a word of prayer to open and close the show. The audience grew to over 500,000 listeners and he moved to Studio City, CA a/k/a Hollywood as a home based. Working at movie studios opened doors. Being equipped with all the knowledge and wisdom of the entertainment industry. The growth of social networks significantly contributed to the effectiveness of viral marketing.

The Green Dragon Record Breaking Blue Print

Business and Music Industry Knowledge

With the Green Dragon Record Breaking Blue Print you will learn how to Viral Marketing, Website Development, Web Hosting, Internet Audio Presentations (IAP), Voice Over Talents, Professional Beat Production, Publicity, Radio/Record Promotions, Consulting, Corporate Identities, Event Planning and Promoting, Printing, Graphic Designing, CD Pressing (Duplication), Voice on Hold, Radio Commercial Production, Massive Email Campaigns, T.V./Radio Commercials Production, Video Production and File Conversion.

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Your #WinningTeam Players


CEO of Entertainment WorldWide Network

Las Vegas


DON JR – CEO was born on 3/22/78 at 4:20 pm in Jewish Hospital located in St. Louis, MO. He is the eldest of five children. DON JR – CEO is the son of Don Cody Sr. the CEO of Moses Media Inc. When DON JR – CEO was 3 months old, his father carried him into KATZ radio station located downtown St. Louis, MO. That was the beginning to his long history in the entertainment industry. DON JR – CEO dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. He was only 16 but he realized that the internet was the wave of the future. When he turned 22 he started working for his Father at Moses Media Inc. He interned for 3 months when Don Cody Sr. came up with a new service called the Internet Audio Presentation known throughout the music industry as the IAP. DON JR – CEO produced the first IAP for Moses Media. It was for Busta Rhymes J Records, “Break Your Neck.” He designed IAP’s for 16 out of the top 20 major record companies. He produced IAP’s for various artists such as TI, Mike Jones, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent and American Idol winners Ruben Stutter, Fantasia and Bo Bryce.


CEO of So Seductive Shoes and Fashion

Las Vegas, NV


So Seductive Shoes & Fashion! Our passion is to get you information on the hottest up coming fashion and entertainment news. We work with young people to make their fashion dreams come true. We start by getting them trending on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media Networks. Our team of professionals specialize in shoes, fashion, entertainment, news live events and more. We have latest treads in fashion and provide hundreds of dedicated products for global shoppers. We have an elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in shoes an fashion design. So Seductive Shoes and Fashion has truly taken out the hassle of international trade from product sourcing.

Pastor Iran D. Reed

CEO of Resurrection Of Hope Ministries

Indianapolis, IN


Resurrection Of Hope Ministries are a community of faith united in exploring what it means to follow the way of Yahshua Ha Messiah commonly known as Jesus Christ, to be a people of Yah and to love and care for our neighbors. As a ministry we will know no circles of exclusion, no boundaries we will not cross, and no loyalties above those which we owe to God. We believe that we have been led by the Spirit of God to perform a work in the ministry and the community. We will serve with gladness and support to the fullest of our capabilities as we strive forward to spread the Love of God throughout our city, state, country and this earth. • Counseling Ministry • Crisis Intervention • Helping People Through Their Loss • Listening Skills • Support Groups • Insightful Types of Spiritual Gifts • Creative Arts, Graphic Design • Media, Computer, Internet • Promotional, Marketing • Verbal Communication, General Info • Christian Writing • Serving Types of Spiritual Gifts

Don Cody, Sr.

CEO of Moses Media Inc. and General Counsel

Gainesville, FL


Don “DC“ Cody is a highly respected, seasoned radio veteran with over 30 years in the broadcast industry. He has managed top radio stations in St. Louis, Charlotte, Little Rock, Tampa, Norfolk and other major cities. Don "DC" Cody Don Cody has managed and consulted radio stations across the country and has a proven track record of generating impressive results. In 2001 Don founded Moses Media Inc. Throughout the years, Moses Media Inc. has become a MAJOR media conglomerate working with clients such as: Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, Prince, Ciara, Boyz II Men, Kanye West, Beyonce, Ludacris, Future, Rick Ross, Nicki Manaj and many many more. Moses Media Inc. Has very impressive relationships with many Major and Independent record labels getting records played on the air quick !! We will help you get out there !! We pride ourself on treating ALL of our clients with respect and quality work. As a Television Producer Don's accomplishments include: 1987 - 1991 Executive Producer “Don Cody TV Show” Charlotte, NC 1992 - 1994 Executive Producer “Entertaining St. Louis” St. Louis, MO

DJ Johnny O

CEO of Nerve DJ's

Cleveland, OH


CEO & President NerveDJsMixtapes.com January 2013 – Present (3 years 5 months)Worldwide The ONLY Mixtape site that houses it's DJ Mp3 pool. We service over 3300 Djs/members. CEO NerveDJsMixtapes.com January 2013 – Present (3 years 5 months) Current responsibilities at NerveDJsMixtapes.com Promotions, Uploading, Rating & Commenting on music and the daily in's & out's of running a Mixtape site. President/CEO Nerve DJs Mp3 Pool June 2003 – Present (13 years) Recruitment, adding Mp3's CEO & Founder NERVE DJs, LLC June 2003 – Present (13 years)Cleveland, Worldwide NERVEDJS.COM, LLC. is an Promotional Mp3 DJ pool. We have over 3300+ members world wide that use our service for their promotional music needs. Join us at: http://www.nervedjs.com & http://www.nervedjsmixtapes.com

Big Daddy

CEO of 403 Productions LLC

Charlotte, NC


403 M.O.B "403 Productions" is a family business Managed by: Philip BiGgDaDdY Rainey. We debuted March 28, 2010 Preforming opening acts at Tremont Music Hall, Amos South End, venues in South Carolina as well as Virgina, Preforming on the same stages as Snoop Dogg, ICP, Twiztid, F-Dux and many other well known artists. Our debut album "Black N White resurrection" Released Oct. 11, 2011 Release Date April 3, 2007 Genre Rap/Hip Hop Members Shadow J Banchie Ghost Unknown Stick Boy Philip BiGgDaDdy Rainey, Manager Big Momma Haze Hometown Kings Mountain NC Band Interests Make it to the top. Press Contact Ghost Unknown: ghost_unknown_403@yahoo.com Booking Agent Shadow J: slick_shadow_j@yahoo.com

Derek Williams

CEO of Klevelan Multi Media

Cleveland, OH

Multi-Media Production Specialist, full scale radio and television commercial production, graphic design and more Production Professional & Consultant: ~ Online and Television commercial production, Radio commercial production, voice over specialist, voice acting, Radio Station imaging, Full scale audio production PR / Media Marketing Specialist and Brand Management: ~ We convert your vision and idea into a functional working plan targeting desired results. Graphic Designer and Print Broker: ~ Flyers, Posters, website graphics, Business Cards, Brochures, Desk Top Publishing and more.

Mike Twice

CEO of Rebel Music Group

Atlanta, GA


Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Mike Twice has been influenced on every level of creativity. As an artist he has worked with grammy winning producers and studied closely under legendary artists. Being a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, Mike Twice has honed his skills as a Videographer as well as a sound designer. In his latest efforts he has combined two of his skills to create a new skill in Voice Overs. With at least 15 years of studio experience, Mike Twice works hard to bring forth a creative and professional product.

Mr. and Mrs. David Hewlett

CEOs of Get Busy Management

Brooklyn, NY


Mr. and Mrs. David Hewlett has a long history of helping artists acquire the skills and tools necessary to achieve their goals in the music industry. He is devoted to a standard of professionalism and excellence in its services for talented artists. A personal manager can prove an invaluable resource to seriously professional performers. Get Busy Management is an artist development/management company located in Brooklyn, NY we “Get Busy” for our artist(s), Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss all the aspects of your project. Get Busy Management is a personal management firm and professional representation for performers, placing them in television, film, theater, and commercials!

Michael Robinson

CEO of Philly Freedom Project

Philadelphia, PA


The Freedom Project started as an idea, developed as a positive movement, and now is active in the Tri-State Community. We are a small group of dedicated individuals working to improve our community. Members have knowledge of community services made available by Non Profits, For Profits, and Government agencies. We would like to assist you navigate available resources to help in your success. Members are dedicated to Leadership Development. We have been feeding the homeless weekly since June 2012.

William LaBostrie Sr.

CEO of Com On N Records

Spring, TX


Com On N Records® is a proactive, international multi-faceted developing music publishing company in conjunction with Dopaminergic Records as well as a label and one of our goal is to develop and promote high caliber song writers by seeking as many opportunities as possible in order to expose their work to the world. Com On N Records® is also a full service artist management company and its team have been responsible for guiding the careers of top tastemakers and rising talent in the urban music industry. We at Com On N Records® have an extensive network of contacts to empower clients and mold careers.

Reverend Clyde and 1st Lady Robin Shovan

CEOs of Eagle Swoop

Indianapolis, IN


Pastor Clyde Shovan, a community activist and anti-violence advocate, and his wife, Robin, establish a new congregation, Total Focus Urban Ministries Full Gospel Church. “Our goal is to impact urban neighborhood violence with a life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the communities,” Shovan said. President Barack Obama meets with 20 major religious leaders, including those from the major African-American denominations, at the White House to discuss the needs of the Black community.

L. A. Jackson

CEO of MKM MultiMedia Works

Atlanta, GA


L.A. Jackson honed his craft as a hyperactive music man by spending 10 years working for CBS Records/Sony Music, where he personally worked hand in hand with major label acts under the Columbia/Epic/Def Jam umbrella – like Babyface, Mariah Carey, Isaac Hayes, The Jacksons, Billy Joel, Alexander O’Neal, Public Enemy, Luther Vandross, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nancy Wilson and dozens of others. After connecting with savvy entrepreneurs like Michael Morrison, Gary Wade and Wade Jones, an idea became a reality and MKM MULTIMEDIA WORKS kick started a major music movement in and around the Atlanta vicinity.

Ron Henderson

CEOs of 65 Max Entertainment Inc.

Atlanta, GA


65 Max Entertainment Inc. was founded in 2005 by Ceo Ron Henderson who established the small production company Privately owned and funded from its own resources that created a gem having a online web store 65max.com. The passion of their music inspired the company to design its own signature apparel line sixty5max which was a dream that became there reality with Pamela Henderson CFO of the company. Our diverse offering had given us alternative means of money to keep in house of cost being manageable and effective by providing a service back to 65 Max for promotion and marketing materials. The company is located in Northern California, during the past 10 years we have managed various artists throughout the bay area, Including but not limited to Ja'mez, Chris Chips, Hatchett Tha 1st, Ace Kayo, Stress, Robswane, Homeless Derlix and many more servicing genres R&B hip-hop/rap. Our theme is ‘All Roads Lead 65 Max’ this campaign came from the highway sign off the freeway being 65. Our corporate creative concept has been used to market quality urban clothing using several tasteful “Follow The Road” designs in the form of T-shirts, jackets, blouses, hooded sweat shirts, hats and accessories bringing its creation to the fore front of expression integrity, dreams and aspirations and the creation of their online web store 65maxapparel.com Trademark/copy right. Image: We want 65 Max Entertainment to be seen and heard worldwide, we expect to achieve this image through our ongoing promotion, publicity, and advertising tactics. Enclosing we are striving to be the best in northern California showing excellence, perseverance which will lead all roads to 65 Max!

Chris Guice

CEO of Tha Point Records

New Orleans, LA


Founder and Chief Executive Office of the New Orleans - Based Tha Point Records Chris Guice has built a small company into a Full service entertainment powerhouse. In a little over 15 years what started out as an aid to a colleague who started a record label, blossomed into a full entertainment company in short amount of time. Coming from the same era as No Limit Records , Hollo Point received early press and was compared to the more famous New Orleans labels just starting out. The label has released two studio albums and will have future releases coming 2013. C. Guice has that entrepreneur spirit which is the driving force behind all of the companies that is and yet developed. At that time C. Guice was exploring several business ventures which ironically a record label was not on the list. The introduction into the music industry came and now history is being made

Andrew Khleif

CEO of AK Creative Solutions

Livonia, Michigan


Full Service Computer Repair and Technical Services ***REMOTE Malware/ Virus Removal ***REMOTE Windows Operating System Tune-up/ Repairs Desktop Support, Laptop Support, Mac OS X Support, Software Support, Hardware Support, Custom Built Desktops Software Installation, Personalized Software Training More REMOTE Services Available! AK Creative Solutions is a professional creative design, computer repair and IT support company that provides creative design and technical solutions for you and your company. We deliver the solution you need for your business. AK Creative Solutions listens to your questions and concerns to develop a professional and trusted long term company-client relationship. Please contact us if you have questions about other creative design and technical services not listed below. We are constantly growing and expanding in the design and technology industries.

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